About us

jose and kaka

Hello there! こんにちは! 

This is José and Kaka, Kawaii Honbu(カワイイ本部)founders.

We wanted to personally welcome you to our shop! 

We've created this shop following our passion for all things Kawaii, Cosplay and Japan fashion. 
We started with a couple of items and created this Shop from the ground up.

Our main focus is to provide a one stop place for all your needs, being them Cosplay, Kawaii, Accessories or Clothing in general. We know that it is sometimes hard to find these kind of items in Europe and America and, even when you find a shop that sells them, it's hard to trust that shop.

You can finally own the items that you can only see in the social media!

Welcome and feel free to drop us a line if you need any help :)